With certified sites, modern infrastructure and a trained, educated and experienced workforce, Santa Rosa County offers industries an opportunity to maximize their ROI in a community dedicated to providing the best to residents and businesses. From our expanding tourism, vibrant farming community, growing industrial presence, our strong military ties, to our top-notch schools, it is no surprise that Santa Rosa County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.








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Economic Development Strategy Updated: Leading Through Action: an Economic Development Strategy for Santa Rosa County, Florida, presented by Garner Economics, LLC, provides renewed focus on asset development, marketing, and organizational changes Santa Rosa County and its economic development partners should take to keep the County on a trajectory of success. This plan will help the County attract and retain businesses, create jobs, and nurture opportunities to attract talent. Go To Link »

Better communities spring from a strong economy: As you take time to appreciate the quality of our schools, the accessibility of our parks, the efficiency of our transportation system, and the presence of our first responders, remember that it’s our businesses and our citizens who are responsible for them.  Read More »

Santa Rosa earns defense-related grants of $600,000: Santa Rosa County was a big winner in the latest round of state-funded grants aimed at helping retain and protect US military installations in local communities. The county was awarded a quarter of the $2.4 million in total funding. Read More »

Santa Rosa is Winning Jobs with Triumph: writes that just 12 short years ago, Santa Rosa County, and its neighbors along the northern Gulf Coast, suffered the worst manmade catastrophe in their collective history when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and released hundreds of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf. Today, the county is reaping the benefits of some $33.3 million in infrastructure funding that has helped attract high-value employers with the potential to create hundreds of high-paying jobs. Go To Link »

Santa Rosa County's industrial parks are filling up and one more is in the works: With the purchase of the Milton Interchange Park certified this month, Santa Rosa County's industrial park tally is now up to five — with plans already in the works to add more. Two major, still-undisclosed projects are also taking place. Project Chicken Run involves the construction of a 60,000-quare-foot facility, while Project Jungle Cruise will see the renovation of an existing facility and should have a lease agreement signed by the end of the month. Go To Link »

Santa Rosa honors Don Salter with street name in Whiting Aviation Park: Santa Rosa County officials today, Tues., Mar. 1, honored former County Commissioner Don Salter by naming a street that leads into the new Whiting Aviation Park. About 75 people were in attendance when the street sign labeled Don Salter Boulevard was unveiled by Salter and his famil Read More »