Gulf Cable/WTEC Breaks Ground on New Facility at Santa Rosa Industrial Park

Santa Rosa County officials today broke ground on a new facility that will be built on eight acres in the Santa Rosa Industrial Park. This new facility will serve as home to Gulf Cable/WTEC.

Gulf Cable/WTEC currently employs over 300 individuals in the Santa Rosa Industrial Park. This additional property on Armstrong Road will be used to construct a 160,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility that will house and facilitate the growth of our operations currently located at 5689 Industrial Blvd.  

Headquartered in Milton, Gulf Cable are the experts of cable manufacturing. They produce cables that serve diverse markets including renewable (solar and wind), irrigations, electric utility (distribution and transmission), oil and gas (refineries and production), and petrochemical.

“Gulf Cable is exactly the kind of company we want to be located in the Industrial Park,” said Commissioner Bob Cole “The company is expanding and hiring more people as they continue to grow. They are the perfect industry for Santa Rosa County.”

According to Shannon Ogletree, Executive Director, and Erica Grancagnolo, Associate Director of Santa Rosa County EDO, “Employment at this facility will increase by more than twenty additional people paying a salary of at least $41,000. This is 115% of the 2020 Santa Rosa County Average Wage. We anticipate that capital investment at the site will be approximately $3,000,000. That’s a big win for Santa Rosa County.”

“Gulf Cable has been in Santa Rosa County for a number of years now and thanks to the business climate here and the support we receive from the economic development office we are continuing to grow” said Kevin Bate Executive Vice President, WTEC Energy Innovation.

In a statement he made at the groundbreaking, Commissioner Dave Piech said he was very proud of the work done by the Santa Rosa Economic Development Office. “When it comes to economic development, we can all be very confident that we have the best team on the job.” said Piech, “This is the second major ground breaking we’ve attended in less than a year and I expect there are more to come. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for economic growth in our great county.


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