Santa Rosa Capitalizes On Its Quality Of Life

Santa Rosa County Economic Development efforts are featured in the June issue of 850 Magazine. Highlights include…

County of Choice

In April of 2018, Santa Rosa County Economic Development received a 5-year strategic plan for economic development in Santa Rosa County. The document, prepared by Garner Economics LLC of Atlanta, assessed the county in terms of 22 economic indicators. 

Of the total, 14 were deemed positive and attractive, five were seen as neutral and just three were judged to be negative.

A good result, but perhaps not surprising for a place that has emerged, Ogletree said, as a “county of choice.” Read More...

Industrial Park Place

Northwest Florida counties tend to be “land rich and building poor,” said Shannon Ogletree.

Santa Rosa is trying to escape that generalization by at least 50,000 square feet, maybe 100,000.

The Santa Rosa County Commission has committed to the construction of a spec building at its 90-acre I-10 Industrial Park.

Santa Rosa County owns four industrial parks, in various stages of development. I-10 Industrial Park, Santa Rosa Industrial Park, Santa Rosa East Industrial Park and Whiting Aviation Park, which boasts "through the fence" access to the runway at NAS Whiting Field. Read More...

Proliferation of Pathways

In an increasingly complex job market, a unique partnership has provided answers to the challenges faced by today's youth in the form of Santa Rosa Career Pathways. 

“It’s a joint program between the Santa Rosa County School District and the Santa Rosa Economic Development Office,” said Charlin Knight, “and we utilize the data that’s provided to us by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.”

There are 16 middle school academies, 48 high school academies and 20 technical college post-secondary programs currently available in Santa Rosa County. 

During the 2017-2018 school year, students earned 2,127 industry certifications in these programs, according to Knight. Read More...

School to Work

As one of Florida’s 49 school district-operated technical colleges, Locklin Technical College prepares high school and adult students for current and emerging high-demand careers.

The college’s partnerships with business and industry enable students to start their careers with high skills and high wages in rewarding occupational fields: aviation, HVAC, nursing, pharmacy technician, cybersecurity, computer systems, manufacturing, welding, and automotive service technology.

The college serves both adult and high school students with an average total enrollment of 400 students per year. Read More...


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